About Us

PageLines-img006.jpg The passing of Strom Thurmond left a power vacuum in the hearts of South Carolinians, one which was initially filled by a Beat Happening cover band. That band was awesome, but hardly musical; successive iterations yielded Pity Rally, which featured more marketable elements such as rhythm/melody and a relocation to just inside the Capital Beltway. After a good run, the Pity Rally moniker was retired in favor of The Hartford Pussies, inspired by a deep-rooted love for hockey video games.

PageLines-img003.jpgSince relocating to the D.C. area, the band has recorded a four-song e.p. (released on Mother Stamper Records in 2012), released a cassette with Tricot Records in 2013, a full-length album, “Judy” (released in 2015) and we’re currently finalizing a seven inch split with Sugarpuss (Summer 2015 estimated release).

The four-piece originally consisted of Conrad, Jordan, Will, and Zach. Conrad died (to us) last fall when he relocated to California. Just kidding, we wish him well and he will always have a place to crash on the better coast. The current line up is Jordan on vocals and rhythm guitar, Zach on lead guitar, Will on vocals and drums, and Adam (formerly of Heart Monster) on bass. The Hartford Pussies draw from bands like The Clash, The Breeders, Pavement, The Melvins, J Church and The Vaselines. We love house shows and are willing to hit up most locations on the east coast, except maybe Connecticut, where it has been made abundantly clear that we are no longer welcome.

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