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“The artful jangle of the Hartford Pussies flies close to the epicentre of my affections. The band play with the gleeful abandon of Pavement or the Breeders so their seemingly never ending story to this point has been one that has engineered a band primed with possibilities. And for all that ‘Thunder Lizard’ still sounds like a demo, something that is raw and recorded as if only dreamed up moments earlier. This wide-eyed sensibility certainly marks the band out and I can think of several dozen bloggers who will be salivating from the opening chords of this little gem. Indie discos the world over rejoice for the Hartford Pussies.” -Kevin Hugger, mp3hugger

“Lo-fi slacker vibes recall so much ’90s alternative, with Sonic Youth and Pixies influences front and centre throughout. Memorable guitar riffs and infectious male/female vocal harmonizing give a sugary sweet quality that is characteristic of pop music at its best.” -Leks Maltby, Aside/Beside

Whip-smart ’90s indie rock a la Beat Happening.”

Indie/punk in style, the distorted, rough notes and chords, as well as frequent use of flat strumming and escalation reminded me most of Modest Mouse or The Pixies. One of the guitarists was a girl with a very pretty voice and all four members, including the drummer, sang at one point. They appeared to honestly enjoy playing on the stage and both their zeal and their consistent skill got the crowd nice and riled up.”