Oh my god, listen to this album

Our new album, Judy, is on bandcamp, soon to be on iTunes, spotify, other stuff. I’m feeling pretty lucky that I met people who wanted to make this type of music, and that we got our shit together enough to actually make it. Additionally, we were lucky to have a ton of support from some […]

Thunder Lizard Video… IN HD???

Hey, check out our new video for “Thunder Lizard,” the second track on our “Judy” album. It’s a scientifically accurate stop-motion depiction of when the dinosaurs all died tragically exactly eight minutes ago.

Hometown Sounds Podcast

Hometown Sounds is doing the lord’s work. We’re a little behind the ball, however we would like to thank Mark of ROM for introducing us to the Hometown Sounds podcast. We were included in the December 9th podcast. Listen up now and check out the other (very consistently updated) content featuring DC-area bands. And high […]

Mastering? I Hardly Knowing

We’re pretty happy to have Radiohouse Mastering putting the finishing touches on “Judy.” We’re mere days away from sending the files off to the cd people to be published in 2002’s most powerful format, and, almost as important, we’re going to have the album for sale digitally soon. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves in […]

Get yourself some free music.

We recently added some acoustic takes of some of our favorite songs as well as a live track from our last show with Conrad to the site. Click here to listen and download. It could be your last chance to hear the song that created an insurmountable rift between our band manager, Shandall Plostin, and the […]

Real Sounds OK Interview

We would like to thank Real Sounds OK for the recent interview posted on their blog in which Will recounts the time we played Orange Polo Shirt and its seething truth bubbled up too close to home. And check out some of their other interviews with bands we like, such as, but not limited to, […]