We’ve Got a Better Ad-Rock

10917322_10100747625295026_1711678708732652464_nHave we mentioned we have a new line up? We’ve all been general fans of Adam since he played in Heart Monster, possibly the best band of all time. Heart Monster bonded the early adopters of the band, and connected two strangers from the deep south in a gym (at least two confirmed). You need to follow that link and then follow that other link and download the entire discography.

It’s with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Conrad, who relocated to the bay area and will probably die of thirst and/or rioting/thirsty rioting in the coming years, but we’re moving ahead with recording our final track for our 7″ split with Sugarpuss and playing a show here or there.

Our regular booker, Shandall Plostin, has been out of commish. Adam has booked a couple of shows at¬†Treehouse Lounge and Galaxy Hut for late August and September. We’re looking forward to playing a-plenty of shows through Fall 2015 in the Baltimore/NoVa/DC area. So¬†Go here for booking info.

That’s Adam on the far left. In the blue shirt. He’s got a thing for shirts.