HP on Gribcast and Hometown Sounds Podcasts?!? ^^^^ !?!

Happy Birthday to Rachal (Conundrum Music Hall)

Happy Birthday to Rachal Show (Conundrum Music Hall)

We are pretty excited to be included on the recent Gribcast music podcast (listen here) with TC Costello and other people that we know less well but may befriend in the future. We played a show with TC Costello and Ass/Bastard a few years back at Conundrum Music Hall in Columbia, SC. A good time was had by all.

We were also super psyched to be on the most recent Hometown Sounds podcast, which not only features a few tracks from DC’s finest (we especially enjoyed the track from Lenclair), but seeks to answer the age-old question: “Are people who record in ‘lo-fi’ sentient?”