HP Goes Listicles for Upcoming Album Release Show: 7 Best Dinosaurs of All Time

In preparation for our upcoming show and the recent release of our Thunder Lizard video, we’ve decided to rank the seven best dinosaurs of all time. How is that possible, you’re probably asking, when we do not know all of the dinosaurs in all time? We assure you that this search was exhaustive and we spent months, if not years, agonizing over the best dinosaurs in this process. It’s evidence-based and thoroughly researched.

7. Robosaurus



This shit is pretty fucking inspiring.

6. That Dinosaur with the Ball Thing Tail


Ankylosaurus dinosaur” by Mariana Ruiz Villarreal

This is just a pretty cool dinosaur. And, it’s like roughly the height of a human, which means you could totally ride it places. Imagine how badass you’d be rolling up anywhere on an Ankylosaurus! Clint Eastwood looks so lame on a stupid horse.



5. Cera the Triceratops


This documentary, The Land Before Time, is exactly the damn reason why Tyrannosaurus will not be on this listicle (because he’s a DICK). Many of us have put little consideration into how often dinosaurs smiled. Despite Cera being a “three-horn,” and probably having the intelligence of a chicken, we find that dinosaurs like Cera not only smiled regularly, but occasionally hugged.










4. Iguanodontia


Hadrosauroids” by Pavel.Riha.CB

Technically more than one dinosaur. We know, we can count to seven.













3. Megasaurus

This is one of the few dinosaurs on the list frequently found on Virginia Beach. We would also like to express that Truckasaurus deserves an honorable and sincere mention. We really mean it when we say, “…Truckasaurus.”

2. These Dinosaurs (from the video you should watch)


1. Brontosaurus